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    Servo planetary reducer heating in the process of use how to do?

    The main function of the servo planetary reducer is to reduce the speed of the equipment to increase the torque of the equipment, so as to meet our needs. But we found in the use of the process of planetary deceleration long time work will appear in the process of high temperature and heat.

    1, servo planetary reducer in a long time of operation, the oil groove and bearing temperature rise will heat the oil groove can not exceed 35℃, bearing temperature and more than 45 temperature is not higher than ℃.
    2. If the emergency needs the servo decelerator to operate for a long time, it is necessary to equip the equipment with a cooling system, so as to make the decelerator work correctly for a long time. The reducer is equipped with a cooling spiral pipe, and the user can connect some cooling water by himself. When the cooling water passes through the spiral pipe, the heat will be transferred to the cooling water and the heat will be transferred out, so as to achieve the cooling effect.
    3, the cooling water flow can not be too large, but to ensure that it can be freely through the servo planetary reducer.
    4. If the deceleration does not work for a long time, there is a danger of freezing, so the cooling water must be drained clean.

    When the servo planetary reducer is running normally, there needs to be a staff check from time to time next to it. If there is any abnormality, it should stop working immediately, so as to stifle the hidden danger in the cradle. It will also improve the life of the servo planetary reducer and improve the work efficiency.

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