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    Correct installation and use of planetary gear reducer
    Operating characteristics of NGW planetary gear reducer
    (1) The gear is made of soft high strength low carbon alloy steel by carburizing and quenching, and the tooth surface hardness reaches HRC54-62.
    (2) the use of grinding process, high precision, good contact.
    (3) High bearing capacity, seven times higher than the bearing capacity of gear surface reducer.
    (4) High transmission efficiency, up to 98%, long service life.
    Structure characteristics of NGW planetary gear reducer:
    NGW planetary gear reducer mainly consists of solar wheel, planetary wheel, inner gear ring and planetary frame.
    In order to distribute the load of the three planetary wheels evenly, a toothed floating mechanism is adopted, that is, the sun wheel or the planet frame float, or the sun wheel and the planet frame float at the same time. The gear in the reducer is straight involute cylindrical gear. It has the following characteristics:
    1, small volume, light weight, under the same circumstances, than the ordinary involute cylindrical gear reducer weight more than 1/2, 1/2 ~ 1/3 smaller volume.
    2, high transmission efficiency: single stage planetary gear reducer up to 97% ~ 98%; Two-stage planetary gear reducer up to 94% ~ 96%; Three-stage planetary gear reducer 91% ~ 94%.
    3, transmission power range: from less than 1KW to 1300KW, or even larger.
    4. Large transmission range: I = 2.8 ~ 2000
    5, adaptable and durable. The main parts are made of high quality alloy steel after carburizing quenching or nitriding treatment, the planetary gear reducer runs smoothly, the noise is small, the use of more than 10 orders.
    Application and conditions of planetary gear reducer
    NGW type planetary gear reducer has a single stage (NGW11 - NGW121), two stage (NGW42 - NGW122) three level (NGW73 - NGW123) three horizontal series. Mainly used in metallurgy, mining, lifting transport machinery and equipment, can also be used in other similar conditions for power transmission.
    The maximum speed of the high-speed shaft shall not exceed 1500r/min
    The circumferential speed of the gear shall not exceed 10m/s;
    The working environment temperature is -40℃ -45 ℃;
    It can run in both positive and negative directions. An important feature of NGW planetary gear reducer is that the inner gear and the outer gear share a planetary wheel. NGW is composed of the first letter of the Chinese pinyin of the three characters "inner, public and outer".
    Correct installation and maintenance of planetary gear reducer is the key to ensure the normal operation of planetary gear reducer. Therefore, when you install the planetary gear reducer, please be sure to strictly follow the following installation order, install carefully.
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