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    What are the precautions for the use of 12V micro DC deceleration motor?

    12V miniature DC reducer is one of the commonly used small power reducer, generally use customized power mode, 12V miniature DC reducer has low noise, long service life, small volume, large torque, low energy consumption, high transmission accuracy, customized power and other characteristics, a wide range of applications. Then what are the precautions for the use of 12V micro DC deceleration motor?

    Matters needing attention in the use of 12V miniature DC deceleration motor:
    1, 12V miniature DC motor do not store or run in high temperature or humid environment, also do not put in corrosive gas;
    2, before use to confirm whether the motor voltage is correct, the power supply current is sufficient;
    3. When assembling rotating parts such as gears and pulleys on the motor shaft, do not knock abnormally when pressing in;
    4. When installing the motor, pay attention to whether the screws are too long and prevent the long screws from touching the parts inside the motor;
    5, 12V miniature DC motor can not be overloaded, overload reasons have two parts, torque and shaft force, load torque can not exceed the rated torque of the motor, shaft

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