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    Study on the Unbalance of Transmission Power of Right and Right Cycloids of Planetary Reducer
    At present, the output mechanism of planetary reducer produced at home and abroad mostly adopts hole pin W mechanism. The literature theoretically assumes that the left and right cycloids respectively transmit half of the output torque; The shortcoming of the method for calculating the load of the pin acting on the cycloid wheel lies in that the analysis is correct if only one cycloid wheel driving pin is calculated.

    However, the actual planetary reducer is driven by two cycloids and the same set of pins, and the pins are of a cantilever structure. Therefore, it is a little easier to express the same torque transfer of the left and right cycloids in the literature. It has been found in the long-term design and production practice of the pore-pin W mechanism that because the pillar pin is a cantilever beam structure, the wear of the left and right pillar pin sleeves is serious and uneven, which leads to the reduction of the whole efficiency of the reducer and limits the allowable output torque of the reducer to a certain extent, especially in the high-power reducer. Therefore, it is an important task to take measures to improve the imbalance.

    The improved method is as follows: firstly, the influence of pillar pin deformation on the transfer torque of the left and right cycloids should be thoroughly studied theoretically, then the force of the pillar pin at each point and the quantitative calculation method of the transfer torque of the left and right cycloids should be analyzed and established, so as to provide the basis for the design and calculation of each part of the planetary reducer. Then, under the premise of not changing the existing dimensions of the reducer as far as possible, the improvement measures are discussed and the improved structure is designed. In order to estimate the degree of disequilibrium, it is assumed that only the pin bending deformation is taken into account and that the left cycloid wheel (on the output shaft) only drives the left pin.
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