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    How to deal with planetary reducer heating fault

    After using the planetary reducer for a while, it inevitably presents some problems, some of which do not require constant concern, but some of which are different. For example, planetary reducers often produce heat, which can cause mechanical equipment to heat up for many reasons, which may be a long time out of use, internal rust or loose parts, etc. So how to deal with the planetary reducer heating fault?
    Oil level in gearbox is too high or too low. In the working process of the planetary reducer, if the lubricating oil is too little, the friction between the gears will increase, the temperature of the planetary reducer will increase due to too much friction; Secondly, the choice of lubricating oil should be appropriate, such as the choice of better lubricating oil. Lubricating oil for high power planetary reducer and lubricating grease for low power planetary reducer.
    Solution: The oil level in the cabinet is too high. Refer to the corresponding manual for adjustment, check the oil level at room temperature, and refuel as needed.
    The oil is too old. It's a little stale
    Solution: Contact customer service to check the last oil change time.
    There is a mechanical failure or failure of the planetary reducer photos, need to check whether there are other problems, in the use of conventional inspection methods to detect the line reducer, in the case of no other abnormalities, we have to consider whether our choice of planetary reducer meets our requirements, sometimes our parameter selection is wrong. When we selected the planetary reducer, the selected load was too small, which was clearly beyond the power range of our planetary reducer.
    Solution: check again if there is a problem with parameter modulation, and replace the power gear reducer if necessary.
    The temperature of bearing parts rises. If there is no other fault, it is likely that the planetary reducer bearing is damaged. If the planetary reducer is not assembled in the workshop, or falls into a foreign body, or the quality of bearing parts is not good, the purchase of inferior bearing parts for production, etc., will cause bearing damage.
    Solution: Check and replace bearings as needed.
    Working environment temperature is too high. In some hardware processing or heat treatment and other similar working environments, there is usually no low temperature location for placing or surrounded by other objects of the planetary reducer, so it cannot be smoothly ventilated. In the case that the servo planetary reducer is not properly cooled, it will inevitably generate heat. When a certain level is reached, the mass of the servo planetary reducer is normal and may burn out.
    Solution: add a certain amount of ventilation in the environment, or take the easy way out - another way to configure a fan to make the planetary reducer well ventilated.
    The oil is heavily contaminated, sometimes by the oil itself, or possibly by the use of inputs during the maintenance process or other impurities.
    Solution: Change the engine oil. Fever has many causes, but under 70 degrees Celsius is no problem, the problem is over 90 degrees Celsius.

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