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    Eisle acceptance announcement

    Eisle Precision Gear (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Annual output of mechanical parts 300,000 pieces of technical transformation project completion environmental protection acceptance announcement

    Publicity date: 2019.12.9
    According to the completion of the construction projects management measures of inspection and acceptance of environmental protection, "about specification construction unit independently conduct construction project completion environmental protection acceptance notification (draft)" and other relevant provisions, the construction unit in December 2018, jiangsu kam shing detection technology co., LTD. To undertake the project completion environmental protection acceptance monitoring work, In January 2019, the construction unit organized the acceptance team to visit the construction project site, examine the acceptance survey report, and put forward the acceptance opinions. In order to better accomplish the environmental protection work of this project, now the environmental protection acceptance survey report and acceptance opinions of this project are published.

    I. Introduction of the project
    "In 2018, Eisler Precision Gear (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. commissioned Jiangsu Luyuan Engineering Design and Research Co., Ltd. to compile the Environmental Impact Report Form of the Project of Annual Output of 300,000 Mechanical Parts of Eisler Precision Gear (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.". In January 2019, Jiangsu Jincheng Testing Technology Co., Ltd. carried out acceptance monitoring on Eisler Precision Gear (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. According to the monitoring results, the enterprise compiled the Environmental Protection Acceptance Monitoring Report Form for the Project of Annual Output of 300000 Mechanical Parts of Eisler Precision Gear (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
    1. Exhaust gas inspection results: this item does not organize exhaust gas to meet the standard emission.
    2. Wastewater monitoring results: there is no industrial waste water discharge in the project. The domestic sewage produced by the project staff is connected to the Yundong Sewage Treatment Plant for treatment by relying on the original municipal sewage pipe network of the plant.
    3. Noise monitoring results: the noise of the project comes from the noise generated during the operation of the equipment. After vibration reduction, sound insulation and other prevention measures, it can be discharged up to the standard, with little impact on the surrounding areas.
    4. The on-site inspection results of solid waste: Entrust the sanitation department to clean and transport domestic waste, collect and dispose of general solid waste, classify and collect hazardous waste and temporarily store it, and entrust qualified units to dispose of it.

    Name and contact information of the construction unit
    Construction unit: Eisler Precision Gear (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

    Construction Location: No. 1128, East Jiangxing Road, Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Contact: Du Gong
    Contact number: 13915544033
    Zip code: 215200
    Publicity period: December 9, 2019 -- January 3, 2020
    Note: See the attachment for the acceptance report and acceptance opinions

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