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    The common failure of reducer and the matters needing attention in installation
    (1) Bearing chamber wear. It comprises a housing bearing box, a bearing room with an inner hole in the box body and a gearbox bearing room. This kind of problem is mainly due to the improper adjustment of parallelism and coaxiality between the shafts during installation, which leads to the deviation force and abnormal vibration of the box body in the long operation, causing the shaft and bearing force to produce different degrees of wear and tear on the bearing chamber.
    (2) wear of gear shaft diameter. The main parts are shaft head, keyway and so on. This kind of fault is caused by frequent overload start in the process of operation and the material problem of some parts.
    (3) wear or bearing failure of the drive shaft bearing position. Improper assembly will not only lead to accelerated wear of bearings, but also prone to faults such as fracture or high temperature bite. Especially for bearings that cannot automatically self-aligning, when the machining accuracy of the hole on the journal or bearing seat is not enough or the installation is improper, or the deflection of the shaft is too large, it will cause the mutual tilt of the inner and outer rings of the bearing, resulting in the uneven distribution of the working load of the bearing, and the place where the pressure is concentrated will be prone to premature destruction.
    (4) the joint surface leakage. The main parts of the box body in the joint surface, bearing end cover of the position of oil leakage phenomenon, mainly is the joint surface sealing gasket or sealant coating process appears careless; Or improper maintenance, the clearance of dirt on the combined surface is not thorough, or the improper selection of sealant, the installation of seals in the opposite direction, and the replacement of seals in time will cause oil leakage. This kind of problem can be avoided by improving the assembly process.
    (5) gear tooth failure. The common failure forms generally include: tooth breaking and tooth surface damage. Teeth fracture generally occurs at the root of the tooth, because the root of the tooth is subjected to the most concentrated bending stress. The damage of tooth surface includes fatigue pitting, abrasive wear, adhesion and plastic deformation.
    The measures to prevent tooth failure are: improve the hardness of tooth surface and surface roughness; Choose a high viscosity lubricant; Provide sufficient lubricating oil and keep the lubricating oil clean; Avoid frequent start and serious overload and impact; Improve the assembly level, strengthen the maintenance management in the subsequent use.

    Attention to the installation of reducer
    1, the reducer must be firmly installed on the machine, must not appear loose situation.
    2. When installing, it is necessary to confirm again whether the steering is correct.
    3. If the aluminum alloy reducer has been placed for a period of time before use, so that the oil seal is not immersed in the lubricating oil, the oil seal should be replaced first.
    4. Aluminum alloy reducer should be avoided to be installed in places where the sun is fierce, or in extremely harsh environments. If it is used in a complete set with the motor, it is necessary to install a cooling device for the motor to improve the circulation air and avoid affecting the cooling efficiency.
    5. Strictly abide by the working environment standard value of the aluminum alloy reducer (-5 ~ 40℃). If it exceeds the standard value, it is necessary to adjust or carry out technical treatment.
    6, the main components: worm gear, coupling, shaft, etc., must be firmly installed on the output shaft, the use of standard screw holes or other devices to ensure correct operation, to avoid damage to the bearing.
    7. Do not let the oil seal and exhaust valve be stained with any paint.
    8. If the aluminum alloy reducer is provided with an oil filling hole, the transportation stopper should be replaced before use and an exhaust plug should be replaced. Check the lubricating oil level before use.
    9, the first time do not immediately put the load to the highest, but step by step increase.
    10. If it is used in a complete set with the motor, it is necessary to install protective measures around it to avoid damage.
    11. When the working environment is lower than ~ 30 degrees Celsius or higher than 60 degrees Celsius, the oil seal of special material must be replaced.
    12, the reducer should be placed in a flat or rigid support place, and with all possible abnormal vibration to avoid its surrounding, can be pre-tightened with gasket foot bolts.
    13, when the working environment of the aluminum alloy reducer is outdoors, it is necessary to do a good job in protection, sun protection and rain prevention measures.
    14. When installing pinion gear, coupling or pulley at the output shaft end of the reducer, the screw hole at the shaft end should be pressed to avoid hitting.
    15. After the first use of the aluminum alloy reducer for 160 hours or so, the lubricating oil should be replaced, and the cycle of changing the lubricating oil thereafter is about 4500 hours.
    16. Enough lubricating oil should be left in the reducer case, and the amount of oil should be checked regularly.
    17, do not use synthetic oil or mineral oil mixture to use.
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