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    Cycloid reducer device flow and related matters for attention
    Cycloid reducer is widely used in all walks of life. Its use occasions, pay attention to the relevant details, there are strict requirements. Here, the use conditions of cycloid reducer are as follows: continuous use of cycloid reducer is allowed. In the case of working system, it is allowed to run in positive and negative directions; The rated speed of the input shaft is 1500 RPM. When the input power is greater than 18.5 kW, a 6-pole motor with a speed of 960 RPM is recommended.

    The working position of the cycloid reducer mounted horizontally is horizontal. The maximum horizontal incline during installation is usually less than 15°. When more than 15°, other measures should be taken to ensure full lubrication and oil leakage prevention; The output shaft of cycloid reducer can not bear large axial and radial forces, which are large. Other measures must be taken.

    When the coupling, belt pulley, sprocket and other couplings are added to the output shaft of cycloid reducer, direct bang is not allowed; The shaft diameter of output shaft and input shaft conforms to GB1568-79; The lifting ring bolt on the reducer is only used for lifting the reducer; On the basis of the installation of the reducer, the height of the installation center line of the reducer, the height of the connecting part and the relevant dimensions should be calibrated. The concentricity of the calibration drive shaft shall not exceed the allowable range of the coupling.

    When calibrating the reducer, steel or cast iron blocks may be used. Blocks should not be more than three in height and can also be used with iron. However, after calibration the gear should be replaced with a smooth block. Block configurations should be avoided. To cause the body deformation, the anchor bolts should be arranged symmetrically on both sides, and the distance between each other is enough to allow the water slurry to flow freely during the irrigation process; The irrigation of the cement slurry should be dense and free of air bubbles, voids and other defects.
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