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    The difference between planetary reducer and cycloid reducer?

    1) Planetary gear reducer
    Transmission structure: planet wheel, sun wheel, outer gear ring, single stage reduction MIN=3,MAX≤10, common reduction ratio is 3/4/5/6/8/10, the series of reducer is generally not more than 3, but some of the large reduction ratio of custom reducer has 4 stages of reduction.
    Relative to other reducers, planetary reducer has high rigidity, high precision (single stage can be achieved within 1 arc minutes), high transmission efficiency (single stage in 97-98%), high torque/volume ratio, lifetime maintenance exemption and other characteristics. Because of these features, planetary reducers are mounted on stepper and servo motors to reduce speed, increase torque, and match inertia.

    2) cycloid reducer
    Transmission device: input part, deceleration part, output part. The deceleration ratio of the first stage transmission is 9~87, and the deceleration efficiency is 94%. The deceleration ratio of the two stage transmission is 121 ~ 5133, and the multi-stage combination can reach tens of thousands.
    When running, the number of teeth in contact at the same time is more, the degree of coincidence is large, the operation is stable, the overload capacity is strong, the vibration and noise are low, and the noise of various models is small. The main components are made of bearing steel, which is reliable in use, long in service life and convenient in maintenance.

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