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    Why is helical planetary reducer more expensive than straight gear?

    The gear is an important part of the planetary reducer, and the planetary gear inside the planetary reducer is divided into two categories: straight teeth and helical teeth. Today we mainly discuss the straight tooth series planetary reducer and helical tooth series planetary reducer difference.
    1. Compared with the direct transmission gear, the shaft of helical gear reducer is more arbitrary. For example, the rotating shaft of the transmission box with oblique umbrella teeth does not have to be on the same level surface with the rear shaft. If it is straight umbrella teeth, it is necessary.
    2, helical tooth noise reduction is more effective, the reason is that the surface of the helical tooth of the reducer is the first point contact, then connect to the surface contact, and finally contact. The direct transmission gear is the contact of line surface line. The joint of helical teeth is more smooth and clean. Therefore, the noise caused by the sudden change of the touch is much smaller than the flat tooth.
    3. Large coincidence degree of helical gear and many meshing teeth at the same time. Reduce impact and noise, make the transmission more stable, and can withstand high speed and heavy load. Spur gear transmission has poor stability, large impact, large noise, gear reducer in the use of helical gear transmission, because of the contact ratio is large, tooth surface contact is good, high bearing capacity. Helical gears have fewer small teeth than spur gears, so the mechanism is more compact and the manufacturing cost is the same as spur gears.
    4, in the production process, to prevent the number of teeth root cutting is small. The relative transmission gear block is small, so in the transmission system pair reduction than the same situation, the reducer volume of the helical gear is small.

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