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    How should the precision of planetary reducer

    1. Adjustment of guide rail precision of planetary reducer
    The guide precision refers to the precision of the movement track of the moving parts of the mechanical equipment when they move along the guide rail. In addition to the type, combination form and size of the guide rail selected in the design, the main factors affecting the guide precision are as follows:
    (1) Affected by the suitability of guide clearance.
    (2) Affected by the stiffness of the guide rail itself.
    (3) Affected by the geometric accuracy of the guide rail.

    2.the adjustment of the clearance between the screw and the nut of the planetary reducer worm gear screw lift
    The transmission chain in general mechanical equipment is composed of gear and gear, gear and rack, worm gear and worm, screw and nut, etc. Spiral lifting nut drive is a common mechanism to realize linear motion. It is difficult to do without a clearance between screws and nuts. Especially after a stage of use, due to wear, will increase the clearance of the equipment, affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, in the process of equipment maintenance, attention must be paid to eliminate the clearance between nuts and nuts.

    3. planetary reducer spindle rotation accuracy adjustment
    The precision of spindle rotation refers to the radial circular runout, end face circumferential runout and axial movement of the working parts at the front end of the spindle. On the premise that the machining error of the spindle itself meets the requirements, the bearing largely determines the rotation accuracy of the spindle of the planetary reducer. The key to adjust spindle rotation accuracy is to adjust bearing clearance. Keeping reasonable bearing clearance is of great significance to the working performance and bearing life of spindle components. For rolling bearings, when there is a large gap, the load not only concentrates on the force direction of the rolling bearing, but also produces serious stress concentration at the contact of the inner and outer ring raceway of the bearing. Shortening bearing life, but also make the spindle centerline drift phenomenon, easy to cause the vibration of spindle components. Therefore, the adjustment of rolling bearings must be loaded in advance, so that the internal interference of bearings leads to the elastic deformation of rolling bearings when they contact the inner and outer ring raceway, thus improving the stiffness of bearings.

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