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    Features of servo planetary reducer and use of

    The main transmission structure of planetary reducer is: planetary wheel, solar wheel, outer gear ring.

    Because of structural reasons, the planetary reducer has a single-stage reduction of 3 and a maximum of less than 10. The common reduction ratio is The series of the reducer is generally not more than 3, but some of the customized reducers with large reduction ratio have four levels of reduction.

    Compared with other reducers, planetary reducer has high rigidity, high precision (single stage can be achieved within 1 minute), high transmission efficiency (single stage in 97-98%), high torque/volume ratio, lifetime maintenance free and other characteristics.

    Because of these characteristics, planetary reducers are mostly installed on stepper and servo motors to reduce speed, improve torque, and match inertia.

    The rated input speed of the reducer can reach up to 18000rpm(related to the size of the reducer itself, the larger the reducer, the smaller the rated input speed) above, the output torque of the industrial planetary reducer is generally not more than 2000Nm, and the special super torque planetary reducer can achieve more than 10000Nm. The working temperature is generally about -25℃ to 100℃, and the working temperature can be changed by changing the grease.

    Several concepts about planetary reducer:

    Series: The number of sets of planetary gears. Since one set of star gears cannot accommodate a larger gear ratio, two or three sets are sometimes required to support a larger gear ratio. As the number of star gears is increased, the length of stage 2 or 3 reducers will be increased and the efficiency will be reduced.

    Return clearance: the output end is fixed, the input end rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, so that the input end produces rated torque +-2% torque, the reducer input end has a small angular displacement, the angular displacement is the return clearance. The unit is "minutes ", which is one-sixtieth of a degree. It is also called back gap.

    Planetary reducer is a widely used industrial products, its performance can be comparable to other military grade reducer products, but has the price of industrial products, is used in a wide range of industrial occasions.

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