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    Selection Of Reducer Application
    Selection Of Reducer Application

    Before making any choice, you must be clear about your needs, which is even a rule of life.

    As stated earlier, the main functions of a gearbox for a servo motor are to reduce the speed of the servo motor, to amplify the torque and to match the moment of inertia of the load. In addition to these three main functions, there are also requirements such as precision, rigidity, noise, etc.

    The first step:Make clear requirements

    1         Whether torque or accuracy is of primary concern in the application, or both

    2         The requirement of moment of inertia matching in application is most concerned with torque or precision, or both

    3         Is backgap allowed in the application?

    4         Are rigidity requirements high?

    5         Volume limitation, installation mode

    6         Noise requirements

    The second step:trade-offs

    Any choice must be a trade-off between satisfying the primary need and balancing other secondary requirements, and giving up the optional requirement (if it conflicts with the important need).
    For example: robot arm application, the first thing to consider is no back clearance and high rigidity, planetary reducer is not suitable for this kind of application. The δ robots used for handling, sometimes with low end accuracy requirements, can usually be flanged out of the planetary gearbox. Another example: medical equipment applications, usually very concerned about noise (generally required below 55dB, or even lower), the use of planetary reducer will usually encounter noise problems.
    Ambient temperature is also very important, general planetary transmission (-40℃) Eisele can provide low temperature changes. Of course, the cost is not around the past problem, all OK, the price is too high may not be
    The core is still clear demand, separate a primary and secondary, the finer the better. Then you'll be more likely to make the right choice.
    The advantages of planetary reducers lie in the following aspects.

    1,  High efficiency

    2,  Coaxial input and output

    3,  The deceleration ratio can be made very large by multi-stage transmission

    4,  Small radial size

    5,  Under standard precision, low cost can be achieved

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